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Welcome to Established 1884, the illustrated shirt history of Derby County

Please note:  Due to several individuals removing the content from the pages of this site without permission and in some instances making money from our hard work we have now placed a watermark over the images.  Please ask before removing any content from the site, in most cases we just ask that you acknowledge the website.  Thanks

The contents held on established 1884 have been extensively researched using archived newspapers, football annuals, vintage postcards and the expert knowledge of authors and historians within the world of football.

Whilst we consider our shirt re-creations are a good representation of the originals, it is impossible to claim they are 100% accurate due to the nature of some of the reference material sourced.  Majority of archived newspapers from the early years fail to mention colours and styles worn on the field of play.  The images and illustrations from early football are limited and colourised images are extremely hard to find, hence why we will never claim to be the definitive guide to all things associated with the shirts worn by the Rams.

Researching for the site started in early 2012 and it has been a long process, many an hour spent trawling through the British Library archives and old annuals just to find the smallest snippet of information.  During the research process an email was sent to The National Football Museum asking if they could offer some help and advice.  The email correspondence from Peter Holme at the National Football Museum resulted in obtaining an archived newspaper which held a match report from Derby County's first ever match against Great Lever.  Within the match report was a detailed account of what the two teams had worn on the field of play.  The match report appears to be very rare and along with the colour way mentioned had never been documented in Derby County's history prior to the research.  With this in mind we are very grateful to Peter Holme for his help.  Another great find was an Blue & Amber patch shirt from the early years which had also not been documented in Derby County's history.

The acknowledgment page details people of whom we are grateful to for their help but two people who have been a constant source of knowledge throughout are Andy Ellis & Peter Seddon.  Both are authors of Derby County related books and what they don't know about Derby is not worth knowing.


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